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EZ Log Photo Testimonial - Jim W

EZ Log Photo Testimonial - Jim W.

What the construction superintendent had to say:

EMAIL: "We are interested in purchasing one of the following structures. Please provide quotation F.O.B. ..."

Multiple emails later:

"I am interested in teh Camilla B. The site may not be large enough for the Montana and I can construct a small deck after the cabin is erected. I am also interested in your crews completing the installation or even one of your staff and I can provide labour to assist."

A few week later:

"This cabin is so cool!"

June 18th, 2013

"Very happy with the product Jeff. Mike was great, what a worker! Colourful of course but very skilled and can really get things done. I would be more than happy to give references for the product and Mike anytime."

Jim W.